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Since the launching of the theme education of "Never Forget the Beginning Mind and Keep the Mission in mind", the foreign trade center has been deeply studying and implementing Xi Jinping's socialist thought with Chinese characteristics in the new era, closely combining with the actual work, working hard on "keeping the Beginning Mind, shouldering the Mission, finding the gap, and carrying out it", and carrying out it in depth with a high degree of political consciousness and full spiritual state. Thematic education ensures solid results. The Party Committee of the Foreign Trade Center resolutely shoulders the responsibility of the main body, takes the lead and sets a good example, learns one step first and goes deep, takes the lead in investigation and research, inspects and rectifies, and leads the whole center to carry out high-quality thematic education.

1. Overall promotion under the above rate

Since the launching of thematic education, foreign trade centers have acted rapidly, deployed thoroughly and comprehensively in accordance with the unified arrangements of the Party Central Committee and the Party Group of the Ministry of Commerce, and constantly innovated ways and methods to promote the profound understanding of the majority of Party members and cadres, insisting that learning and education, investigation and research, inspection of problems, rectification and implementation run through the whole process to ensure the theme. Education is effective.

On the morning of June 17, the Foreign Trade Center held a meeting on mobilization and deployment. More than 450 Party members and cadres participated in the meeting. They studied in depth the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech at the conference on Theme Education of "never forgetting the first heart and remembering the mission". They fully implemented the requirements of the Ministry of Commerce for developing theme education and launched the conference. The theme of "never forget the beginning and remember the mission" is to mobilize and deploy. On June 18, 21 and July 4, the Office of the Leading Group of Thematic Education held three meetings respectively to convey the spirit of the documents of the superiors, to study and promote related work, to compare the implementation of inspection work, to focus on the deployment of inspection issues, implementation of rectification and other related work, to put forward requirements for the next work and to formulate work plans. Detailed work tasks.

2. Study first, go deep and do solid work

The Party members and cadres in the Foreign Trade Center carry out their original mission with a high degree of political consciousness, and carry out rich and colorful learning and education activities through comprehensive and systematic study, in-depth thinking and in combination with practical study.

Innovative ways and methods, make good use of red resources. From June 10 to 14, the Foreign Trade Center held a special training on "never forget the first intention and remember the mission" in Zunyi. A total of 50 people, including the leaders of the center, the secretaries of the grass-roots Party branches and some party workers, participated in the training. Within a week, Xi Jinping's special subject teaching of socialism with Chinese characteristics, Zunyi Conference and Zunyi Spirit in the new era was arranged. He went to Zunyi Conference Site, Exhibition Hall, Chishui Ferry, Gouba Conference Site and other places to teach on the spot. He took the long march experiential teaching again, and revisited the affidavit of joining the Party at the Red Army Martyrs Cemetery in Fenghuang Mountain. Learning from General Secretary Jinping's important speech at the working conference on education on the theme of "never forget the first heart and remember the mission" and the "Regulations on the Work of the Communist Party Branches (Trial Implementation)", and testing the "Regulations on the Work of the Communist Party Branches (Trial Implementation)". On the morning of July 9, more than 40 leaders of the Foreign Trade Center and Party branch secretaries at the grass-roots level went to the memorial hall of the Third Congress of the Communist Party of China to carry out the theme party day activities of "never forget the first heart and remember the mission". They revisited the affidavit of joining the Party, visited the memorial hall of the Third Congress of the Communist Party of China, and deeply learned the historical background, great significance and profound significance of the three Congresses of the Communist Far-reaching impact.

Create a learning atmosphere, and learn to think and use thoroughly. All grass-roots Party branches of the Foreign Trade Center actively carry out learning activities, in accordance with the "centralized learning" plan and the "original learning" principle, guide all Party members to read the original works, learn the original text and understand the principles, timely convey the spirit of General Secretary Xi's important speech and the comments of People's Daily, and collectively watch educational films and share them. Exchange learning experience.

There are divisions, integration and advancement. By combining concentrated study and discussion with self-study, Party members are required to study by themselves through "Learning Powerful App", open an intranet theme education column in the Foreign Trade Center, timely publish learning dynamics, build a "point, line and surface" learning network, and lead Party members and cadres at all levels to set an example and make rational use of fragmented time to carry out learning.

Through consistent learning and education, Party members and cadres deepened their understanding of the Party's glorious history and fine traditions, further remembered the original mission of the Chinese Communists, and gathered the spiritual strength to undertake the mission.

3. Deep investigation to solve difficult problems

The foreign trade center combines learning with research and rectification, combines work investigation and research, focuses on solving practical problems, adheres to goal orientation and problem orientation, and promotes research work as a whole, identifies four key topics and conducts in-depth investigation and research.

From June 24 to June 26, the research group led by the Foreign Trade Center went to Yunfu and Yangjiang to conduct a special survey on how the Canton Fair could better serve enterprises in exploring diversified global markets, promoting the development of local industries and promoting local opening up. On June 26, the leaders of the Foreign Trade Center led a team to Liaoning Province to conduct a survey on industrial bases, enterprises and Exhibition halls. They fully listened to relevant opinions and suggestions and promoted the reform and development of the Canton Fair. On June 27, the leaders of the Foreign Trade Center led relevant departments to conduct poverty alleviation research in Wantui Village, Bajia Town, Yangjiang City, Guangdong Province, to check the implementation of the assistance projects. Each unit of the foreign trade center also carries out research work in relevant fields around the key topics of the research, so as to truly grasp the situation, find out the shortcomings of the work, further enhance the overall situation awareness and sense of responsibility, and perform the main business well.

Under the guidance of the Ministry of Commerce, subject education in foreign trade centers consciously matches the list of standards required by the Party Central Committee, highlights the problem orientation, vigorously guards against formalism and bureaucracy, combines the development of subject education with the accomplishment of various tasks of reform and development, with the deployment of the Ministry of Commerce, and with the reform and development of foreign trade centers. The task of the exhibition should be combined to promote greater development in all aspects of the work of the Foreign Trade Center and to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China with practical actions.

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